The Technology Behind Live Casinos

Ever wondered how a live casino operates? A live casino is an online platform that gives gamblers a chance to experience brick and mortar devices on the go. Advancement in technology, such as streaming services and a quality internet connection, has made this possible. For more information on different aspects of a casino, visit .

How Does Live Casino Work?

Live casinos stream games through the internet to a personal computer and mobile screens from which players can participate and see other players. An Optical Character Recognition software is used to translate movements and results from the dealer. The data is then transmitted to players creating a real-life experience of land-based casinos.

  1. Optical Character Recognition software is used to read and translates results from the dealer's video

Live Casino implements the live chat feature, enabling players to communicate with each other and with the dealer. If you face a problem, you can also communicate with the casino to get you issues fixed. Live casinos need a significant investment in terms of technology for the process to be smooth and easy.

What is the key Setup of Live Casino?

To set up a live casino, high-quality cameras are required to allow players to clearly see the gaming process. Staff including Cameraperson, pit boss, croupiers and ICT managers are also crucial in setting up a live casino. Additional components include a Game Control Unit, Wheels, Human Dealers, monitors among other crucial elements

The Game Control Unit is the central point of a live casino, and it works as the brain and heart. Each table has its GCU, a shoebox-sized device necessary to read video data and transmit it during the gaming process. The GCU ensures a seamless brick and mortar experience for all players participating in the game.

What Makes Live Casino Exciting?

Live casino gives players a chance to enjoy table games from their homes' comfort in a casino experience. You can enjoy many games online with just a click on your pc or mobile phone. Examples of the games include variations of roulette, baccarat, blackjack, poker among others. Some of these games are supported on mobile devices.

Another thing that makes live dealer exciting is the ability to use strategies in the gaming process. Automated games using random number generators are challenging because no outside forces affect the outcome of each round. Players trust dealers compared to online random number generators. Live casinos have an active staff that monitor the gaming process.

What are the Regions with a Majority of Live Casino Studios?

Before creating an account with a live casino, consider the country where the casino is based. If you can't find information about a casino, you shouldn't play there. In most cases, live casinos are streamed from land-based casinos. Something else to watch is the type of software being used in the gaming process.

  • Live Casinos are mostly streamed from land-based casinos

The software determines the quality of the gaming process. If you face the software issues, there should be someone available on live chat to help you out. This prevents unnecessary loss of money due to software issues. Countries with live casinos are few, but the daily advancements in technology have furled more casinos to be opened.

What is the Gaming Process Stages?

Stages in gaming depend on the game you are playing, and the gameplays might be slightly different. An example of a live casino game is the live dealer roulette. For this roulette game, the dealer is filmed, and the software used by the casino will receive the images and transform into compatible versions for devices used by players.

Players are then required to place bets after which the software closes the betting option by disabling the betting buttons. The dealer spins the wheels and results are captured and transmitted to the players. Those of have won the round will be displayed on the screens. To place more bets, then the above process applies on all rounds